Ceramic Oil Burner Wax Warmer Collection



Our exclusive hand curated Oil Burner and Wax Warmer collection.

Please note: Where more than one item is pictured a colour will be chosen at random. You will receive one item only.

  • Elegant Designs: Made of durable hand-painted ceramic, a perfect addition to any contemporary home décor. This collection of classic oil lamps make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas. They are finished with a decorative glaze to give that high standard finish.
  • Air Freshener: We recommend using these oil burners with tea light candles and fragrance or essential oils, although wax tart melts or sizzling granules may also be carefully used. Choose your favourite scents to fill your home. Fragrance oil available separately.

🔹 Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat.

🔹 Ensure there is sufficient water in the container above the burner.

🔹 Use good quality tealights.

🔹 Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from curtains.

🔹 If flame becomes dangerous to extinguish with a damp cloth.

🔹 Keep out of reach of children.

As with all our candle and oil burner items they come with full safety information which we recommend you read before use.


Approx. height of individual burners:

9 cm – Stonehenge, Cherub

9.5 cm – Gold Thai Buddha, Pampas Grass

10 cm – Cherub Call of the Heart, Elephant, Praying Angel, Thin Metal Spiral, Concrete Cut Outs, Buttercup, Cat’s Life, Florens Jasminum, Japanese Daruma, Peony

10.5 cm – Cream Angel, Gold Lucky Elephant, Skull and Serpent

11 cm – Shell Dish, White Chinese Buddha, White Heart Cut Out, Metal Spiral, Feline Fine

11.5 cm – Cat Cut Out, Daisy Cut Out, Embossed, White Ridged, White Abstract, Thai Buddha Cut Out

12 cm – Teardrop Cut Out

12.5 cm – Buddha Head

13.5 cm – Cherub Moon & Stars


Dimensions N/A

Black Abstract With Feet, Buttercup, Cat Cut Out, Cat's Life, Cherub, Cherub – Call of the Heart, Cherub Moon and Stars, Concrete Blue Heart, Concrete Blue Star, Concrete Grey Heart, Concrete Pink Heart, Concrete Pink Star, Cream Angel, Cream Buddha Head, Daisy Cut Out, Elephant, Embossed Buttercup, Embossed Butterflies, Embossed Lotus Flower, Feline Fine, Florens Jasminum, Gold Edged, Gold Lucky Elephant, Gold Thai Buddha, Green Buddha Head, Japanese Daruma, Lilac Heart, Metal Spiral, Pampas Grass, Peony, Praying Angel, Ridged White With Feet, Shell Dish, Skull and Serpent, Stonehenge, Teardrop Cut Out, Thai Buddha Cut Out, Thin Metal Spiral, White Abstract With Feet, White Chinese Buddha, White Heart Cut Out


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