Decorative Gold Egyptian Canopic Jar Trinket Box


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Decorative Gold Egyptian Canopic Jar Trinket Box

Canopic jars were used by the Egyptians to preserve human viscera for use in the afterlife. An unusual decoration which will definitely create an ambience in your home. Each jar is designed to represent a different god who was responsible for protecting specific organs:

  • Hapi, the baboon-headed god representing the North, whose jar contained the lungs.
  • Duamutef, the jackal-headed god representing the East, whose jar contained the stomach.
  • Imsety, the human-headed god representing the South, whose jar contained the liver.
  • Qebehsenuef, the falcon-headed god representing the West, whose jar contained the intestines.

Egyptian history and culture is a perfect subject for creating collectable trinkets items and ornaments as it has so many colourful iconic monuments kings queens and Gods. With so many themes and figures to choose from you just know there will be something for all tastes.

These fantastic resin Egyptian collectables that will look great wherever you display them. These are also great as an alternative gift idea, or as an altar relic.

Supplies as an individual item. You will receive a random selection from one of the jars pictured. Please leave a message at checkout if you have a preference and we will do our best to fulfil it.

Dimensions: Height 12cm

Dimensions 12 cm


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