Cherub Figurines Decorative Ornaments



Angels and cherub ornaments are a popular range of products for all ages. We have an extensive collection of designs which make perfect gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or a personal memorial to our loved one.

These items are made from resin so are durable and can go outside in very sheltered areas. The paint finishes may be damaged by frost and snow.


Forever Love | Happily Ever After | Kiss From The Heart | Height 7cm Width 4.5cm Depth 3.5cm

Children Of The Heart | Height 9cm Width 16cm Depth 10cm

Cupids Heart | Love Conquers All | Height 5.5m Width 5.5cm Depth 2.5cm

Floral Heart Swing | Height 10.5cm Width 10cm

Love Everlasting | Height 9cm Width 7cm Depth 4cm

Love Letters | Height 9.5cm Width 11.5cm Depth 4cm

Memory of the Heart | Height 7cm Width 6.5cm Depth 3cm

Playful Heart | Seated with Red Heart Gem | Height 4.5cm Width 5.5cm Depth 4cm

Rose Heart | Height 6cm Width 7cm Depth 5cm

Rose Trinket Box | Height 9cm Width 6cm Depth 5.5cm

Sitting Cherub with Crystal | Height 4.5cm Width 4.5cm Depth 3cm

Sleeping Cherub | Height 5cm Length 9cm

Sleeping Rose Cherub | Height 4cm Width 6cm Depth 2cm

Sweet Dreams Bauble | Height 8.5cm Width 8cm Depth 7cm

Walking in the Rain | Height 9.5cm Width 5.5cm Depth 4cm

Glitter Heart Trinket Box | Height 5.5cm Width 4cm Depth 4.5cm


Please note that these items are sold singly. Some options include designs with subtle differences. If more than one design is pictured for your selection then you will randomly receive one of these designs. Please add a message at checkout if you would like a specific design and we will do our best to fulfil your preference.


Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

Children of the Heart, Cupids Heart Figurine, Floral Heart Swing, Forever Love, Happily Ever After, Kiss From The Heart, Love Conquers All, Love Everlasting, LOVE Letters, Memory of the Heart, Playful Heart, Praying Cherub with Silver Cross, Rose Heart, Rose Trinket Box, Seated Cherub with Red Heart Gem, Sitting Cherub Holding Crystal, Sitting Cherub with Pink Roses, Sleeping Cherub, Sleeping Rose Cherub, Sleepy Cherub in Gift Bag, Standing Cherub, Sweet Dream Bauble, Sweet Dream Snow Globe, Walking in the Rain, Glitter Heart Trinket Box


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