Incense Holder Stick Ash Catcher Burner



Our Buddhist, romantic, fantasy and gothic dragon ash catchers are great entry level collectors items as they are well designed and made but are still great value.

Made from resin each has been individually finished in rich colours to create an eye-catching decorative figurine. These insense holders and storage box and burners are perfect for any home, restaurant, office or yoga and meditation space.


Green Dragon Height 5cm Width 26cm Depth 6.5cm

Red Dragon Height 10cm Width 27cm Depth 6cm

Cherub Height 9cm Width 24.5cm Depth 5.5cm

Ganesh Height 8cm Width 27cm Depth 4.5cm

Shimmering Dragon Length 31cm Height 8cm Width 4.5cm

Antique Buddha Hand 25x7x11 (cm)

Antique Buddha Burner & Box 27x8x12 (cm)

Lucky Buddha 30x6x8cm

Carved Soapstone Chakra Height 1.5cm Width 25.5cm Depth 5cm

Skulls and Roses Height 5cm Width 25cm Depth 45cm

WHERE MORE THAN ONE ITEM IS PICTURED YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE ITEM ONLY. Pictures are for illustration of different designs available.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 12 cm

Antique Buddha Burner & Box, Antique Buddha Hand, Blue Celtic Scroll Dragon, Carved Soapstone Chakra, Cherub, Dark Flames Marble Skull, Ganesh, Green Dragon, Green Dragon Boat, Green Man, Laughing Buddha, Lucky Buddha, Metallic Dragon, Purple Celtic Scroll Dragon, Purple Dragon Boat, Rainbow Skull, Red Dragon, Red Dragon Boat, Shimmering Dragon, Skulls and Roses, Spirit of the Sorceror – Wizard


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