Gothic Mystical Suncatcher




Made from acrylic glitter resin, these mystical suncatchers will sparkle in the sunlight. Hang them in your home, window, patio or garden where it can catch the sun light.

Black Cat

H13cm x W7.5cm x D0.2cm

Bat/Yellow Butterfly

H13cm x W12cm x D0.2cm


H15cm x W8.5cm x D0.2cm

Crescent Moon/Bee and Honeycomb/Rainbow Heart

H13cm x W7.5cm x D0.2cm


H13cm x W7cm x D0.2cm

Triple Moon

H13cm x W12.5cm x D0.2cm

Sun/Love Birds

H22.5cm x W21cm x D0.2cm


H7cm x W11cm x D0.1cm


H5cm x W10cm x D0.1cm

Heart String

H65cm x W5.5cm x D1cm

Blue Angel

H27cm x W11cm x D0.7cm

Rainbow Angel/Sun Red Yellow & Blue Green

H40cm x W15cm x D1cm

Peacock Butterfly

H6.5cm x W11cm x D0.1cm

Rainbow Star

H9cm x W9cm x D0.1cm

Owl On A Branch

H15.5cm x W13.5cm x D0.1cm

Rainbow with Clouds

H23cm x W22cm x D0.5cm

Robin/Jay Bird

H6cm x W11cm x D0.1cm

Blue Butterfly/Blue Tit

H5.5cm x W11.5cm x D0.2cm

Circle Rainbow

H13cm x W13cm x D0.7cm

Heart /Solar Plexus/Throat/Third Eye Chakra Symbol

H7.5cm x W6cm x D0.01cm

Rainbow Butterfly

H13cm x W9cm x D0.2cm

String Of Rainbows

H60cm x W7cm x D0.7cm

Sun and Rainbow

H36cm x W19.5cm x D0.5cm


Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 0.2 cm

Bat, Bee, Bee and Honeycomb, Black Cat, Blue Angel, Blue Butterfly, Blue Tit, Cauldron, Circle Rainbow, Crescent Moon, Goldfinch, Heart Chakra Symbol, Heart String – Purple Blue, Heart String – Red Yellow, Jay Bird, Love Birds, Owl on Branch, Peacock Butterfly, Pentagram, Rainbow, Rainbow Angel, Rainbow Butterflies, Rainbow Heart, Rainbow Star, Rainbow with Clouds, Robin, Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol, String of Rainbows, Sun, Sun – Blue Green, Sun – Red Yellow, Sun and Rainbow, Third Eye Chakra Symbol, Throat Chakra Symbol, Triple Moon, Yellow Butterfly


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