Reduce Stress and Anxiety with the Law of Attraction

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Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

If you are one of the many people who is suffering from anxiety and stress you can take heart. You are not alone. The number of sufferers is rising according to some studies. It is of vital importance to get professional help by seeking out an experienced therapist. Learning about the Law of Attraction can also enhance and speed up recovery for the ailing person.

The Law of Attraction helps me on a daily basis to deal with anxiety and stress. With the Law of Attraction we learn to sit in the driver’s seat of our life and drive along any road we desire and come to the destiny we choose. We are not dependent on someone else when using the power of the Law of Attraction. Best of all, we do not have to wait and merely hope things get better in the future. We can start today to make our lives worth living.

Anxiety and the Law of Attraction

Here are 3 simple ways for you to enhance your therapy:

  • Meditate at least 10-20 minutes everyday on a regular basis. This will help you greatly to
    improve your condition. You still may need the help of a professional therapist or doctor
    but your daily meditations are valuable. If you have children or other family members that
    need your attention you want to do this exercise when things are quiet so that you can
    truly be still and relax. Make this your time out from a busy and stressful day.

  • When meditating you can do the following exercise: Close your eyes and picture yourself
    sitting in a large room all by yourself in total darkness. Hold this mental picture for about
    20 seconds. After the 20 seconds are over imagine yourself sitting in the same room with
    bright and warm lights shining on you. After that, go back in your mind to the same room
    with all the lights out. This exercise will enhance the understanding of your inner self.
    Getting to know your inner person will help you to understand yourself. It will also help you
    to listen to yourself and become more intuitive. It may be difficult at first for you to
    meditate regularly especially if you did not do meditations before. You still want to make it
    part of your daily routine. Meditation is essential for good mental and physical health.

  • To help with your anxieties you can also think about some great affirmations to help you
    along. Here are some suggestions of what you could say when doing affirmations:

I am living in a paradise and I have peace all around.

I am feeling great and I love my life.

I choose to live in the present moment.

The future can feel better than the past.

You need to say these affirmations in the present tense. A lot of anxiety and stress is caused by visualising a potential future where the worst may happen. It helps to focus on the peace of the present moment. This may feel like a lie at first, when you are feeling quite to the contrary. The Law of Attraction helps us to understand that the universe, however, will only respond to your feelings, not to the spoken language. Affirmations will help you to train your subconscious mind to be in harmony with the way you want to feel. When using the Law of Attraction to get rid of anxieties both meditation and affirmations are important. This will be a great stepping stone into your future free from stress and anxieties.

By applying these lessons in the right way, we can program ourselves to be what we really want to be. It is important not to become even more anxious over the results of our manifesting practice! We do not have to think that our conditions in life are meant to be or that we have to depend on external forces and their mercy. It is your right to enjoy peace and happiness and understanding the Law of Attraction can help get you there.

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