Citronella Tea Lights


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Enjoy the long summer evenings in peace and comfort with our Citronella tea lights.

Citronella is fresh floral aroma especially known as a natural mosquito repellent. It may also work to keep the relentless pesky insects away and let you enjoy your garden, patio and outdoor space without itchy bites.

Uplift your mood and relax your body and mind with Citronella tea lights. Holistically reputed to reduce muscles spasms, ease headaches, and boost energy. And they look wonderful as a décor item displayed in a pretty tea light holder

Each tealight measures 1.8×3.8 (cm) and has an average 4 hour burn time.

Sold as a box of 18.

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 18 × 38 cm


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