Dreamcatcher Bedroom Wall Hangings


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Protect your dreams with a dreamcatcher. It is said dreamcatchers protect sleepers from bad dreams by ‘catching’ them while good dreams pass through the dreamcatcher’s web-like structure. A dreamcatcher is a great way to add colour and design to your bedroom or living space with their striking and unique designs.

Made from a woven lattice stretched over a plastic frame each is decorated with a selection of beads, feathers, twisted threads and colourful rainbow ribbon.

Unicorn LED dreamcatcher: Height 50cm Depth 0.5cm Hoop Diameter 20cm. Requires 2 x CR2032 batteries which are included with this item.

Large Rainbow Tree of Life: H90cm x W34cm x D3cm

Chakra Multicolour: H60cm x W12.5cm x D3cm

Hot Pink: H65cm x W29cm x D0.5cm

Large Multi Rainbow: H65cm x W35cm x D1cm

Large Multicolour Chakra: H80cm x W32cm x D1cm

Large Rainbow Arc: H90cm x W30cm x D1cm

Large Rainbow Tree of Life: H82cm x W32.5cm x D2cm

Multicolour Column: H69cm x W19cm x D1cm

Multicolour Crochet Feather: H86cm x W41.5cm x D3cm

Purple Moon and Star: H39cm x W21.5cm x D1cm

Purple/Turquoise Peacock Feather: H58cm x W22cm x D3cm

White Crescent Moon: H35.5cm x W19cm x D1cm

Wood Tree Of Life: H50cm x W15cm x D2cm

Teal Flower: H45cm x W15cm x D2cm

  • Material: Plastic, Wood, Feathers, Nylon and Beads


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 100 cm

Chakra Multicoloured, Hot Pink, Large Multi Rainbow, Large Multicolour Chakra, Large Rainbow Arc, Large Rainbow Tree of Life, LED Unicorn, Monsters, Multicolour Column, Multicolour Crochet Feather, Purple Moon and Star, Purple Peacock Feather, Teal Flower, Turquoise Peacock Feather, White Crescent Moon, Wood Tree of Life


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