Posts about aromatherapy

A woman stands on the sea shore with her arms outstretched and the sun on her face

Top 5 Essential Oils For Travel

Aromatherapy For Your Journey Going on a trip is usually thought of as a wonderful experience, one that you and your family may have planned[…]

9 Tips For Aromatherapy Beginners

I remember when I first discovered aromatherapy as a novice many years ago. I was fascinated by essential oils and I got excited to try[…]

Best Base Carrier Oils for Massage & Aromatherapy

Base oils are ideal for diluting essential oils for massage, and a good quality carrier oil is as important as the therapeutic oils that are[…]

Top 12 Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential oils have been understood to have played a role in healing in ancient times in Egypt, China, and other parts of the world. They[…]

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